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// OK, so regarding that other post about a P3/4 digital sketchbooks I made earlier today — I have not yet decided how I’ll divide the things in the sketchbook/s, but I’d love it if You were kind enough to send me suggestions as to what You’d maybe like to see in it! Please keep it…

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// OK, so regarding that other post about a P3/4 digital sketchbooks I made earlier today — I have not yet decided how I’ll divide the things in the sketchbook/s, but I’d love it if You were kind enough to send me suggestions as to what You’d maybe like to see in it! Please keep it narrowed down to the canon things for the most part, though! As in, no extreme AU cases or crossovers with other series (the characters in specific outfits though goes!). I can’t guarantee I’ll be able to include all the ideas, but just even the most vague suggestions would be tremendously helpful! 

Thank You so much in advance!


When the tea was ready, he was careful when he picked up the pot hoping not to spill out any hot water. As he walked over to Yu though who looked so vulnerable sitting by the kotatsu he realized he wouldn’t have minded if he “accidentally” tripped and spilled the steaming water all over the brat. Setting a cup down on the table he poured the tea, upset with himself for doing this much for the brat. Then he plopped down next to him and smiled.

"Don’t worry, you’ll feel better soon enough I’m sure. It’s probably just this weather."


"Ah, no need to worry about that either. I’ve actually got a pretty great immune system." 

Adachi wondered why he hadn’t just poisoned the brat’s tea, but honestly, where’s the fun in that? Seriously though, what made this guy better than him? Seeing Yu now made him realize just how pathetic he could be, just like any other damn person on the planet. So why then was he so special? 

              Seeing how the detective didn’t hesitate to sit down right next to him, Yu initially shied away just a bit, wrapping himself in the blanket a bit more tightly. He really wasn’t worried that he’d get sick? Still… it didn’t feel right to him, to subject Adachi to such a threat. Shuffling around and crawling a bit to the side, he fished out a flu mask out of one of the drawers and swiftly put it on, just in time before another coughing fit made him double over in his seat. 

              “…the weather does seem like… something that could have been the cause.” he managed, his voice raspy and weak, the blanket and kotatsu doing little for keeping him warm through his shivers. “It hasn’t been this way back in Tokyo… You lived in the city, too, r-right…?” he asked, a weak smile reflecting in a crinkle of his eyes, his mouth fully concealed with the mask. “Good for you, then… to have adapted to this weather so well.”

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Casual reminder. 98% of the time, I’m totally cool with memes getting turned into threads.

BUT! Please copy and paste it into a new text post. Please don’t reblog the ask itself.

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// I’m thinking of making a digital PDF sketchbook thingie that I’d distribute for like $5 online — Persona focused, of course, perhaps for some other fandoms in the future as well depending on how well those things do. Yknow, never seen before art from Yours truly and stuff, I could even take some requests for it on here. But the question is — should I make two separate ones for P3 and P4 for example, or mash the characters together?


Volatile Duo - Deadachi and Badenddie! (CLOSED RP with thebearinthemoon, fool-at-heart)




"I never said that I didn’t want such a thing to happen. I only said that I won’t allow myself to make such a decision again. Look what making such a decision got me before, it killed me." 

Adachi shook his head disagreeing. 

"You’re wrong. Dying is never a peaceful action, and no matter what he might be thinking at the moment in his current state, his death would mean something. Every person’s death means something, even the death of a "worthless criminal" such as myself."

Because of his death, there was no conclusion, no closure. Yu’s death would impact so many more people than he realized right now…!

"I don’t care if you’re here to turn me away, I refuse to leave."

At this point, Teddie was tired of hearing the other Shadow talk. He was pretty irritated already, but with him going on, it pushed him even further. It’s been made clear that Teddie is not good at controlling his emotions when they’ve been set off, so he can hold himself back.

Thus, he decided to just make the Shadow shut up by force rather than step back.


"Shut up!! Persona!" In the next moment, Nanook manifested and reared its head towards Yu’s Shadow. At least the blue aura made it easier to find his target. "Bufudyne!"

With that, the massive bear shot out ice in the direction of the blue aura.

              "You… persistent… annoying… trash!!” the Shadow finally snapped, the moment Teddie called upon his Persona. He didn’t leave him hanging — a distorted, red and black colored Izanagi no Ookami hovered above him, shielding him from the Bufudyne spell and repelling it, launching its weapon at Nanook, along with blood-red lightning raining down on everyone in the room, including the Shadow.

              "You refuse to learn! Refuse to listen!! And this is what it earns you!” he called, turning on his heel and lunging his shiethed katana at Adachi, still deciding not to take the blade out for whatever reason. "If you SO wish to see him, so be it! You’ll see him AND me — in death!" he yelled, his voice distorted to the point of sounding like a worn out tape. 

              "We’re all going to die at some point anyway! So why bother cherishing those bonds?! Why bother loving, caring and protecting something you can’t even preserve!?” He casted another Ziodyne at Teddie, his heels digging firmly into the ground as he held his stance, the blue aura around him seemingly a black hole or a vortex of some kind…

              "All that awaits… is just a crippling loneliness, anyway…!”

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Imagine your OTP/OT3 having recently adopted a preteen/teenage kid, and are spending their first holiday with them. The kid is very excited and gets incredibly emotional because they had never gotten to celebrate like this with a family before.

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// here’s my 10YL Adachi sideblog let me know if you wanna do a thing because I think we should.

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Ignis Aurum Probat | (closed rp with fool-at-heart)


Don’t be afraid!

Marie told her self in her head those words over and over again as she listen to the shadows words. Even as a goddess, this shadow still looks down on her. As if he was a god himself. But he wasn’t. He was more of a monster then any king or any god. But then again, so was Marie. The girl clench her right hand into a fist when she heard the word pathetic. She glared back at the shadow.

"I’m not pathetic." The aeon poet said with her tone of voice was changing from fearful to bravery. 


"Then that would make him a hypocrite. Being dead and forgotten is his only wish? I won’t believe it. And for someone who said he hates lies, you’re full of it. The wishes of man was also his wish as well. And that wish was to live in a world without the fog and let everyone decided on what they want to do. No matter how painful the truth can be, he would keep moving forward to look for a brighter tomorrow. And if he could do that, so could everyone else. Even someone like me could. Teacher even show me that there was no meaning to dying just for everyone’s happiness. That’s what I think."

Marie knew nothing would change if she dies here or defeats the shadow in battle. It feels like their roles has been reversed if this was just like what happen in the Hollow Forest. Then if he can stare down at the face of death, so could she. Then when the shadow grab a hold of her shirt collar, Marie was catch off guard and let out a small gasp from her lips. The aeon could tell she was being lifting up from the ground when the back of her high heeled boots wasn’t touching the floor. The feeling of fear quickly return to her mind. Her heart started to race a little when their were now at the same eye level.

Don’t be afraid…Don’t be afraid…!

She said those words again in her head as she tries to clam down. Is this how Teacher felt? When he face her other self? He must have been scared as well. But he had to do what was right. Even if means to suffer in some pain, he did came out as the golden hero at that time. Fire tests gold, that fits him at best. Only one way to find out if she could be that brave.

"Ready or not ready, it doesn’t matter. He will have to face his self either way. And Yosuke and his other friends will be at his side to help him. So I won’t listen to your warning. Because he did the same for me."      

              The Shadow’s grip loosened on Marie’s shirt, and he allowed her to stand properly again. A hypocrite? THEY were the hypocrites, ALL of them!! Even if he outright told them how things were, they insisted on denying his words, insisted on acting against his will he laid down before them quite clearly!

              "You STILL don’t understand." the Shadow growled, his voice rumbling in the back of his throat, resonating in every corner of the white, foggy room. "You insist that I’m lying, that the truths I speak of aren’t what he would say? Ha! You’re just as close-minded and near-sighted as ever!" he ran a hand through his hair and turned on his heel, pacing back and forth, anger and frustration flickering in his eyes. "Lies -disgust- me. They disgust -him-. And that you would be SO convinced and self-righteous as to think that no, NO, you are the one who’s right, and his innermost thoughts and feelings have no meaning because I’m lying is just— rrrrrgh!"

              He stopped in his tracks, the blue aura around him expanding in a violent wave, his back still turned to the girl behind him.

              "And you still wonder why he wishes to be left alone? STILL?! Precisely because of people like YOU, who think they know him so well when they know NOTHING!" in one, quick turn, he was facing her again, his face so close to hers their noses nearly touched. "You latch onto him, projecting your own ideals onto him, think him to be so amazing, and by doing that you’re just dragging him down with you! And what for?! It’s all pointless in the end!! In the end… in the end he’s going to be all alone again, whether he chooses to or not! So it’s better to cut it all off now… in one, harsh pull."

              The Shadow’s eyes narrowed, still close to Marie’s. "And even if he wouldn’t wish to do it… if you insist on passing through… I WILL kill you."

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