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Your muse walks in on my muse as they are trying on a wedding dress/tuxedo. How does your muse react?

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usohebi replied to your post:
// n oo my bae !! feel better soon!


dirty-cop-adachi replied to your photo:
(HOLY CRAAAAPPPP You’re so gooooood *flails* That scarf is so freaking amazingly drawn.)

               [ o f f l i n e ]

send me outfits through the submit box you think my muse would look good in

based on a submission by cherrylippedsnowblack

// magicianatlaw I was trying to learn how to draw profiles properly and then this happened

// 10YL Kanji totally somewhat knows how to trim hair and totally is going to fix up Yu’s bangs

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You can tell a lot about someone by the music they listen to. Hit shuffle on your iPod/iPhone/iTunes/media player and write down the first 10 songs. Then pass this onto 10 people

1. Main Titles ( Corpse Bride )
2. Original PokeRap ( Polish ver. )
3. Tsuki no Uragawa - Ookawa Tohru ( Roy Mustang )
4. Tonari Ni… - iDOLM@STER All Stars
5. Kinjirareta Asobi ( Rozen Maiden OP 1)
6. Amai Kajitsu - Suga Shikao
7. Good Night… - B’z
8. Pilate’s Dream - Jesus Christ Superstar
9. Forever Forever ( Tales of Graces OST )
10. Nella Fantasia - Il Divo

no tagging fellas, do it if You please~

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     He waved off one of his child customers before seeing who sent him a message. Senpai?




[  Text  ]

From: Tatsumi, Kanji
To: Narukami, Yu

> I am so sorry.

> Rise kept me up all night with her texts, and I got too tired to realize who I was sending this to.

> I don't hate your food or how you talk about Yosuke-senpai.

> Please don't hate me I'm begging you.

[ TEXT ]
From: Narukami; Yu
To: Tatsumi; Kanji

> Oh, it was meant for Rise? 

> Hahahaha.

> It's not very nice to say her food is disgusting, you know. 

> ...

> ... As truthful as that statement is.

> I don't hate you, what are you talking about?

> I wasn't even upset when I replied to you... Did it seem like I was? 

> Sorry, guess I need to work on that.

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One of the major upsides of texting, was that Adachi found it much easier to think before he spoke… or… wrote. Under normal circumstances, if he were directly speaking to Yu, his mouth would definitely have run away with him… and made a bad situation worse. The last time he’d blurted out crap before thinking, he’d had another massive argument on his hands… and Yu’s defense-backup had sprung to life.

But this time, he had the advantage of foresight.

> Yeah, okay.

> … The other side is phenomenal, if you were wondering.

> … Um.

Time to ever-so-skillfully change the topic.

> How’s your uh… boyfriend? Does he still hate me?


               Yu, for one thing, perhaps took a bit less time thinking on what to type rather than when he was actually talking. It was a touch easier for him to communicate this way, if only because of the fact that typing up long essays was a bit of a hassle. This way he could control the length of his words and not go on about something forever like he would sometimes face to face.

[ TEXT ]
From: Narukami; Yu
To: Adachi; Tohru [ 3 ]

> I was when I was younger, not so much right now. But thanks for the glimpse into said other side. 

> ...

> ... He's away on business right now, but he's alright. And... Yeah, he does. I doubt he'll ever stop, to be honest, and, well... 

> What you've done was a lot harder on him than it ever was on me, you know.

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